duck salad
seared duck breast, toasted almonds, goat cheese, tossed in a raspberry ginger vinaigrette
Vietnamese Chicken
grilled chicken breast, Vietnamese vinaigrette, served with wontons
Crab Cake Greens
Two crab cakes served with Vietnamese vinaigrette and mint chutney
Som Tam
a shaved green papaya salad with tomato, Thai chili, peanut, lime
add grilled chicken $13
Vindaloo Shrimp
spicy grilled shrimp with a mango dressing, served in a papadum bowl
grilled shiitake with Vietnamese vinaigrette
small $7
large $13
Grilled Chicken and Rice
Peanut Noodles
chicken or tofu $7
shrimp $8
Fried rice with carrots
chicken or tofu $7
shrimp $8
Cheese Lavosh
havarti cheese melted on a lavosh cracker
Butter Noodles
chicken or tofu $7
shrimp $8
chicken or tofu tempura
with carrots $8
whole wheat Indian fried bread
two crispy lentil and cracked pepper wafers
Saffron or Jasmine rice
indian yogurt salad with cucumber and tomato
Tom Yum Gung
shrimp, mushroom, tomato and Thai chili
$5 cup
$7 bowl
pureed chickpeas and Indian spices
$4 cup
$6 bowl
traditional japanese broth with tofu, green onions and wakame
$4 cup
$6 bowl
Tom Ka Gai
coconut milk broth, chicken, shiitake and lemongrass
$5 cup
$7 bowl
Red Curry Moules-Frites
fresh PEI mussels in a coconut red curry sauce with a side of homemade shoestring potatoes
Thai Lavosh
light cracker bread, fresh homemade thai pesto, saffron shrimp, roasted red pepper, scallion, havarti
chickpea battered onions fried, served with mint chutney
Smoked Salmon Lavosh
light cracker bread, herb cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, capers, havarti, sriracha
Crab Rangoon
blue crab, cream cheese, carrot, green onion, served with Thai chili garlic sauce
Tandoori Chicken Wings
indian spiced, grilled, served with mint chutney
12 for $16
6 for $8
$5 cup
$7 bowl
Tempura battered, served with a spicy asian aioli
9 shrimp $12
tofu $9
veggie $8
Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls
shittake, carrot, yellow onion, scallion, radish, cellophane noodles, served with Thai chili garlic sauce
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