Som Tam
a shaved green papaya salad with tomato, Thai chili, peanut, lime
add grilled chicken $13
Thai Beef
grilled steak, fresh mint and basil, tossed in a traditional spicy Thai dressing
grilled shiitake with Vietnamese vinaigrette
small $7
large $13
duck salad
seared duck breast, toasted almonds, goat cheese, tossed in a raspberry ginger vinaigrette
Crab Cake Greens
Two crab cakes served with Vietnamese vinaigrette and mint chutney
Vindaloo Shrimp
spicy grilled shrimp with a mango dressing, served in a papadum bowl
Vietnamese Chicken
grilled chicken breast, Vietnamese vinaigrette, served with wontons
Just Greens
side salad with our ginger-soy vinaigrette